CELEBRATION CANDLES- hand crafted candles to celebrate any occasion.. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, more. Signature countdown candles. . Made in USA.
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My most personal candle creation.

I have made many candles for many people but none has been more dear to me than the memorial candle I made two years ago in memory of my wonderful grandmother. She left this life at the age of 107, still amazingly sharp. The picture on this candle was taken at her 100th birthday celebration. She was a quiet, unassuming lady but such a beautiful example of love, honesty and commitment to her family.  I am blessed to be her granddaughter.  Although the passing of a loved one is a sad event, it is also a celebration of their life.  I...

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Share your birthday countdown candle tradition!

We love getting feedback on our candles, but nothing gets people talking more than our numbered countdown birthday candles!  We hear from people all the time who have had this tradition in their family for three generations.  The conversation goes something like this:  "I'm so happy to have found you online.  I had this candle when I was a child and I got one for each of my children.  Now I'm getting them for my grandchildren!"   We would be thrilled to hear about your family's birthday tradition.  We started making this candle in 1980 when the company that originally...

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