CELEBRATION CANDLES- hand crafted candles to celebrate any occasion.. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, more. Signature countdown candles. . Made in USA.
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Numbered Countdown Birthday Candles 1-21 Year and Personalized 1-18 Year

We have ,made our trademark birthday countdown candles since 1980.  The look has changed a bit over the years but we have been proud to sell this candle to three generations that have made it a family tradition.

This impressive 15 inch tall candle is burned a year at a time to mark the passage of each birthday.  Choose from a 1-21 year candle or a 1-18 year candle personalized with the child's name and birthdate.  Available in our traditional style which we have sold for over 30 years or our contemporary style with updated graphics.  Both available in pink, blue and white.  

Our countdown anniversary candle makes a perfect wedding or first anniversary gift and will be a wonderful way for the couple to celebrate each year.  

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